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testimonials - four dogs

We Listen to Our Clients at Paw Pals Grooming – Submit Testimonials!

Honoured to Serve the Etobicoke Community

Paw Pals Grooming of Etobicoke is very humbled and honoured to serve such an amazing community full of such wonderful pets.

Our staff is dedicated to ensuring your complete satisfaction with our dog grooming services. If you are not happy with your pet’s hairstyle, we are always willing to make it right (within a week of their original appointment) free of charge!


I Wouldn’t Take My Dog Anywhere Else

We have been taking our dog Amy to Paw Pals for eight years. She has never had a bad cut and happily wags her tail when she sees Samantha or Jennifer. I wouldn’t take her anywhere else!

Rover Always Comes Back from Paw Pals Happy

Paw Pals is fantastic! I would NOT even think of taking Rover The Westie, our love...anywhere else. Rover always comes back from Paw Pals happy and looking like a "Real Westie". Well...he is in fact a real Westie! So many places have no clue how to properly groom certain types of dogs. They have made great recommendations for my dog and listened to what I wanted. Rover is the best looking Westie in the Whole World!

Satisfied with Our Services? Submit a Testimonial!

Whether you’re a new client or someone who has been coming to see us for years, we welcome your feedback about the quality of our grooming services. Please feel free to submit a testimonial below or contact us!

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